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brentwood bay
British Columbia

meaning of home

When I’m at home I feel comfortable and safe. My home is a big building that offers shelter to my family. There are four children in my family including me. I feel loved and cared for in my home even though we fight sometimes. In my home I see my doggies. Both are chihuahuas and really cute. I like to carry them around even though one of them is lazy and heavy to lift. I see my family at home and they give me good memories. We have fun. I often hear my dogs barking at the window when they hear something. It seems they’re barking at nothing. My dogs sleep a lot, but I think they are healthy. I don’t think my house has any certain smells. I love the smell of Chili and Mac n cheese cooking when I get home. One day I would love to learn to bake cookies. That would smell amazing! My favourite taste in my home is the cake we have for birthdays. There is usually one for each birthday depending on the person. My twin and I got a double cake on our birthday. My brother turned 15 yesterday, and we had strawberry cake. Home means a favourite cozy place to see my cousins. We love to play games together.