Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

I share my home with my brother, mom, and dad. It’s not too bad living with them, but occasionally my brother comes into my room and bothers me a lot, sometimes he sleeps there for more than 3 hours then I have to go downstairs. The thing about downstairs is that it’s very cold and creepy, and I don’t want to go into the living room because I want to talk to my parents. It feels pretty nice having a home. To me home means walls, a roof, a floor, rooms, a kitchen, a bath, a living room, basement, and most importantly a bed. I like being in a house with at least 1-2 people in a house because then it’s not too crowded. We are reading a book about a mother and a boy named Astrid and Felix and they are both living in a van and they are very poor. The mom, Astrid, is too stubborn to get help and Astrid doesn’t want Felix to tell anybody their situation. She is worried that C.P.S. will split them up or Felix will go to a foster home. Astrid is also a thief and Felix is very very worried about her getting caught, and he kept a list of which stores they stole and what they stole and when they get money he would pay them back. Felix is going to a French emergent school; he has two friends Dylan and Winnie. Wherever he’s at Dylan’s house he watches Who What Where When and he’s really good at it. Then he heard that there was a junior edition and First place wins 25 000 dollars and Felix was like “Oh snap, we could rent an apartment for a year”. They also secretly lived in an unused home for a while and almost got caught when somebody went to investigate the electricity. This book shows me the importance of a home.