Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

A home is what you make of a house. A house by itself is a shell with a bed and a kitchen. A home is a house full of memories. The phrase home is where you hang your hat is a metaphor, that’s usually misunderstood at first glance it means a home is the things that you put into your house literally and figuratively. My house is full of memories. Memories at your house could be anything, even things you wouldn’t even think of, like sleeping and eating. Would you think that eating a slice of pizza makes a memory? Of course it does. To the second you move to a new home to the end you make memories. A home means a lot to many, and it makes me sad that I can’t share that privilege with everyone. Sometimes I put myself in the shoes of those 1500 people, crazy right? That’s only in Winnipeg! 8% of people are homeless in Canada. 8% that’s crazy and we have to stop. Imagine waking up on a piece of cardboard and waking up to see you’ve been sleeping in an alleyway and realize your breakfast is a can of Heinz beans. I have to get this in your head. Doing this project I realize a roof above your head is a little more important than you can think. I went digging and the homeless population in Canada is 587 800 that’s the population of Newfoundland!
A home could be anything but it’s depressing when it’s nothing. My house is amazing if I could, I would give every homeless person in Canada and other countries a copy of my house. That would change the world. Maybe even end crime, but the world is too crooked to have that be true. Home, so little, yet so important.