Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

Home is like a community, a family, parents, friends and pets. It is like a safe place to be happy and have a lot of fun. It is like a dream with a lot of adventures with dragons and monsters. It is like memories of a lot of ancestors. Also it like a place with mattresses and pillows. It is like a place with a lot of support and love. You can spend time with others.

It is like a place to be independent and play video games. It is a place that you can be peaceful and where you can learn new languages. A home is happiness because people I love live there. The home is studying and working. A home is like lot of fun with siblings. It is like a shelters with shingles, wood and bricks. A home is protection and cameras.

A home is a safe place because is has doors with locks so people never break in. It has windows so you can have fresh air. There are alarms so people get caught red handed. It protects us from bad weather such as ice storms and rain storms. You have a fridge and oven so you can cook and make you healthy so you couldn’t get sick. I am very grateful to have a home.