Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home.

Home is a place where I feel warm and cozy.
A place where I sleep with my pillow comforting my head.
A place where I feel loved by the ones around me.
A place where I feel safe and protected from people
and the weather.

A place where friends can come over have fun and talk.
A place where I eat, aside from eating my own stomach out.
A place where the family can reunite for special occasions.
A place where I feel happy and sometimes sad.

Home is an amazing place where anything can happen,
We could win something out of the blue,
We could buy some new dog food and it would smell like poo.
Home is a place where my dogs can explore and have fun,
I could chase my dogs and love them for hours,
I could give them leftover meat I forgot to eat.

Home is a place to be loved,
A place to love,
When others are feeling empty.
Home is a place where we share our opinions,
What we think is right,
What we think is wrong.
Home is a place where we care for each other,
We help someone when their sad, mad, or hurt
We’ll ask what’s wrong or what happened,

Home is a place that I cherish for my childhood,
When I was five I jumped in my pool and did a nose dive,
When I was six I broke a vase and we had to get fixed,
When I was seven I thought what am I going to do when I’m eleven,
When I was eight I thought I was gaining some weight,
When I was eleven I wrote a poem about the meaning of home someone whos seven might say I live in heaven.

By: Spencer Harris