Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

To me home means having a place you can go to and where you live and it’s where you live with your family and you can have friends over and it’s where you go to after school and its where you are when its winter break and spring break and and it keeps you safe well unless someone breaks into your house anyways let’s move on from that so home is where you can play with your brother or sister or both and its where eat food unless you go out to eat food sometimes and and its where you sleep unless your having a sleepover at one of your friends homes.

People who don’t have houses. Their lives are probably hard without anything to protect them from the cold or anything to keep you cool when it’s hot. Somebody might be homeless because they are poor or they don’t have enough money to afford a house.

In my home I like to watch Netflix and play on my phone and sleep and I sometimes listen to calm music and I play with my Nintendo Switch. I also play with my sister and I play with my plushies and eat candy and pizza.