Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

Meaning of Home

Today I am going to write about this amazing place named, HOME. There are countless homeless people, I wish I could help every single one of them.

Home is the place where I am accepted. I am accepted for not liking girly stuff, like Barbies and dresses. There is honesty in my home. My home is filled with love and honesty. My family shows me love and affection. I know everyone’s home is way different than mine.

Home is where I come from a cold winter school day and get cozy and warm. Home is where Indigenous Peoples and Ojibwe People used to live. Home isn’t just a shelter or a house it is a ‘HOME’.

Knowing that a lot of people do not have homes makes me feel worried and sad. Knowing that I have all these wonderful things in my home, makes me think of what would they have in their home if they had homes?