Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is being with people I love and care about. I think that family isn’t just people that are related to you and that have the same blood, I think family is people you love and care about. Sometimes when you think of home you think of your house or an apartment or a condo, but when I think of home I think of people I love, and places I like to be. Sometimes people don’t have a home so maybe when people that don’t have homes, think of home maybe they think about their old home or a family member’s house or anything really. Sometimes it can be hard for people to even afford a home so sometimes you need help with money cause homes can cost a lot of money. Also another good thing when you have a home is, your neighbours! Neighbours can help and be there for you and your family they can be your friends to guide you through tough times, a awesome thing about being a kid and having a kid neighbours that you get friends right across the street, if you are ever bored you can go and ask them to play and then you’re not bored anymore. It’s almost like having siblings just you live in houses right next to each other. Home can be more than one place it can be multiple places for example. Your family members house or even a friend’s house. I’m excited to start my own house when I get older. I think a lot of kids are. I am an only child but I have lots of friends that feel like siblings to me. I will tell you a little bit about my best friends. My best friend is very crazy and fun. She likes to be weird and dance and sing. My other best friend is weird, fun, funny and very loyal. My other best friend is an anime loving funny smart person. Another best friend of mine is very funny, kind and sweet. We all think and call each other siblings. I have known these people for a very long time, one of them I just met this year. they are very important to me. I think it is very important to have special people in your life, so if you are ever going through any hard things you can feel like you have a lot of people to talk to.