Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Some people wonder what is the true meaning of home? A home is where you can feel safe. You feel protected from everything, from all the crime and danger outside of your home. Now with Covid-19 I think your own home is the safest place, not anybody else’s but your safe and cozy home where you can be all cozy and not worry about if something happens, because you’re safe in your house. A home where you snuggle up with family and have a nice hot chocolate while watching Netflix. Where you can celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

At home you learn so many skills that nobody even knows, some are really big such as your first word or your first steps or even how to fry a egg. Or going in your yard and throwing a baseball. A home is where you can relax if you’re having a frustrating day, or if something is bugging you. When something is bugging you you can go in your house and just think about it.

As a child it doesn’t really mean much to you but when you become an adult it really means a lot. A home is where you grow up. From when you were a little baby to when you passed away. A home is where almost all your memories are, when you’re watching sports on the TV and your favorite team wins, or even your birthday parties. Where you and your friends hang out to play. Home means a lot.

But what really makes a home. Is it a giant mansion or even a little trailer home? There is no real home, just what you think makes home. Where you’re in your safe zone.

A home is where you leave each morning, and come back each evening, still in the same place, nothing changed, just your home. The house you’re attached to.

I think that is the true meaning of home. But you decide what home means to you.