Grade 4


Meaning of Home

A Home is made from two loving parents a Father and a Mother. Another key part is the siblings. Whatever family you get will mold the future for you. Your parent should be the ones you look up to.
This is what you will eventually need for a Home. You need a Mother to cuddle you to sleep when you’re scared on a stormy night at Home. You need a Father to guide you to the right path in life. Those are the things your parents should generously do for you. Now for siblings, they are the ones you ask for help from because they think similar like you.
A home is where you make friends and reunite with old ones. A home is a place where you can be accepted by the people you love and love you. A home is a place of laughter and joy. A home is the sound of music/if you sing this song with me you will know what I mean ☺ 3…2…1:
♫♫♫ A family is like a tree, it roots you to the ground.
When you grow in all directions and life blows you around, sometimes branches break away, sometimes branches bend, a family is like a tree in time it’s sure to mend, we all can be a family together to the end.
Hope you like the song☺. A home is a place when it is stormy, you could be comfortable. A home is a family that loves you.

I just hope whoever is reading this knows that to me a family is a home. I just hope this can give someone a home.