Grade 6

British Columbia

meaning of home

The Meaning of Home
White walls that shine in the light from the bright sun
Messy rooms with toys everywhere while my mom tries to clean up as we make it worse.
Laughter as loud as firecrackers’, echoing off the walls as we play family board games.
Loud sounds of family and friends splashing in our neighbour’s pool.
Chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins fresh out of the oven steaming while they cool.
Stinky socks and dirty shoes after a long bike ride in the woods.
Popcorn all gooey with butter flying around while we watch a scary movie.
The warm memories of family love and sibling fights.
Laying in bed watching the sun rise and waiting for my family to wake up to have a pancake breakfast.
I think that everyone should have a home no matter what race,
So many memories come from my home.
I am so thankful for home, everyone should be.
Everyone deserves a home just like me.