Grade 5

British Columbia

meaning of home

What Does Home Mean To You?

Home means to me that it is a safe place to be. A safe place means to me it’s welcoming, comfortable and relaxing.

Being comfortable means, you have everything you love like pets, books, memories because maybe you moved sometimes.

Comfortable also means to have a room to yourself or to share a room with a brother or sister. You might have a pet sleep with you or be sleeping alone. Wherever you live you can play with friends at the park or play in the house when it is raining.

Mmm, the smell of dinner, fresh out of the oven! Watching a movie with the family and eating popcorn is fun! So is having Mom read your favourite book!

It makes me happy to think that people are helping homeless people! I hope they can have a home as wonderful as mine!

Thank you Habitat for Humanity!