Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Home is where I feel loved,safe and have lots of freedom. My home is filled with laughter .There is always room for everyone and know one gets left behind.My family is a big community .When I am at home people respect each other .We all Share our feelings .I love to make art and do gymnastics when I am at home .To me home feels like paradise .When I at home I relax and have full peace . Home gives me happiness .So I give home happiness too. Home is where my memories start .When I feel sad my brothers cheer me up .My family is a fun family.We go to fun places like the YMCA,malls and the library.I feel right at home when I spend time with my family.My friends usually come over to play everyday.They are really nice and one of my best friend is named S_ _ _ _ _.She likes the same show that I like called Monday night Raw.When we watch T.V I feel comfortable . Home is where I get attention from family and friends .
Home is where the hart is !!!

By: Angela