Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home.

Home is not a house it is not a building around us . Home to me is the people that love and care about us. People that make us feel happy. Home is not wifi and fresh baked cookies its family and friends. Home is only one place.

For a fish the ocean or a fish bowl is not its home. It’s the people that care for it. The ocean is not its home, it’s the coral and fish that care and love that fish.

For a bird the sky is its home. When a bird visits a backyard the people who feed them seeds and nuts help provide them with a home. A birds home is the sky, trees and the people who care for them.

People have homes but they are not a house, building, tent or RV. It’s the people that live in that tent, house and building.

The meaning of home to me is family. Some children don’t have houses but they have family that make up their home. Without a family you don’t have a home, but with a family you have everything! <3