Grade 4


Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home means to me is those to love, encourage, strengthen and celebrate. When you have harsh times with your family you might say in your mind “I hate my family!” then you think about it again and regret to say that. When you get mad at your mom and dad you should always remember that they may have grounded you because they want you not to do it again. If you think that your mom and dad have a favorite daughter or son you are wrong when they ground you they really don’t want to ground you but they want you to not do it again. Home is to have fun and live life not to make a fight or make a argument. We can’t only have fun in home we still have to do your chores, homework and other stuff but if you finish all that you are free to go and play, spend time with your family and things you like to do, but try to spend time with your family more. You do not only have to go with your family there is more! You can invite one of your friends for a play date or play outside with your friend. When you are now eating lunch do not be silent or annoying talk with everyone or else it might be a habit like being silent at lunch and dinner.
This is some things I think about Home.
By: Hirdya Pauly Pellissery