Grade 6


Meaning of Home

What Home Means To Me
By Mason.H grade 6
Home to me means a roof over my head
my comfy bed
my place to eat
my place to play
my place to stay
my place that protects me from thunder and rain.

Home is a place to love
And be loved back
A place of family
Or to share with friends
A place for memories
And so much more
even though it’s a bit of a chore.

Overall home is the best
even if it’s hard work
I can have a rest,
in my comfy bed
within its walls
but some people don’t have a home at all!

So write an essay
to donate ten
so people with no home
now will then,
have a roof over their head
and a comfy bed
and all the other things that make a home.

But that’s not right
it shouldn’t be that way
everyone should be sheltered in the first place,
so every time I enter my home
I feel feelings
but all of them grateful
and you should be too,

So don’t take it for granted
because home is the best, and we’re all lucky to have a rest,
because while we do
some people are out there
with no shelter,
and we have a chance to go and help them!

So every time
I lay on my silk soft bed
and push right down on my head
onto my feather filled pillows
on top of my bed
I feel lucky to have this home.