Grade 6


Meaning of home

H-ouse of love house of life with great meaning all cozy and tight like the clouds all cozy and fluffy in your home you may sleep with a stuffy.

O-ne true house near your heart holding many many lovable thoughts.

U-p up and away you say in your dreams in your bed you find out that it seems, as if you want to hug your teddy so tight in the middle of the dark dark night.

S-omeones in your bed as you sleep in the night allas it gives you a big big fright.

E-nticed so much as to what it was you remember “oh it was just my dog”you go back to sleep and wake up with no thoughts. You love your house and so does everyone you make it safe and so do the rest of us we help the poor in knowing that they once had a terrible night because we will ALL have at least one terrible night.