Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

A home is built out of bricks.
It can be big or tall.
It can be low or small.
A home might be in the countryside.
Some might be in the city.

Home stands for comfort.
Puffy pillow on your back.
Hot cocoa served in winter.
Appetizing food on the table.

I have a home in Canada.
Comfy air in the house.
French horn melodies are often played.
Squirrels come up to the backyard after dawn.

I have another home in China.
The ambrosial smell of the food gathers the family.
My grandpa plays chinese chess.
My brother and l play piano.
The family always sits and talks together.

Home means protection.
It protects you against bad situations.
People give you contentment.
The home is wrapped with laughter.
Home sweet home.