Grade 5


Meaning of home

Home is a place where I can have fun. At home is where I can practice football and throw it through my hall and it will bounce off the wall. I can play with my friends outside and inside. When I’m in my room, I throw my football around and it sometimes makes the sound “kaboom”.When I pass my football it reminds of me playing pass with my family and it makes me happy. When I watch hockey and football games with my family, I’m happy.

When I’m at school, I think of the people that can’t go to school and it leaves me feeling sorry for the people that can’t tell their story.
Home is a place where I feel secure throughout the year. It’s where I can stay safe and When I come home my dogs go crazy. My dogs are always healthy and strong they will try to tell us when something is wrong When I throw a ball my dogs likes to brawl with the ball. When I play with my chinchilla he likes to run and play but he won’t stay. I give my dogs a hug when I see them after school. I’m blessed for my home because some people have no house to go home to. When come home from school I smell dinner being cooked. I give my mom and dad a hug, too. where I always see a friendly face. When I’m home I’m thankful for my food and water and everything I have. At home I feel loved. At home I hear laughter. I’m grateful the country I live in is Canada.