Grade 6


meaning of home


Home is something to love not to hate. Where you can cry and laugh with your friends and family. Where we can celebrate your favorite holidays. Home is where everyone belongs. Home is not your electronics or your favorite games. Where you can play games with your family and friends. Home is not big or small how expensive it is.

Home is somewhere you can enjoy movies with your family eating buttery tasty popcorn on some Saturday. I scream every time my brother scares me when we go to school. On Sundays we play cards especially the game speed. My brother would win most of the time.

My family is helpful when my mom helps me with my homework and, when my brother helps me on the internet and, when my dad picks me up from school and drops me back home. They are loving when they spend time with me on movie nights and playing cards.

Home is where I belong where I can relax from a tough day of school, or on my bed sleeping and, watching T.V, playing video games like fortnite, and. eating the delicious food that my mom makes me. I can celebrate my birthday with my friends enjoy the cake and, the food

When I am sick my family is helpful and caring. When we play cards, it feels like I belong in my family. When we have movie nights it makes me happy spending time with my family. This is our perfect home.