Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home

We all use the word “home”. But does that mean that we know what it means? No. Sometimes people use words without even completely knowing what they mean! Except that now I’m getting off track. So what is home like for us, then?

One of the main qualities of a home is safety. In order for a home to be safe, it needs to have protection from some things. The home should protect from the elements. For example, there may be a volcano nearby. A home should also protect from break-ins and violence. It should not have something like robberies.

A home also should have access to materials. If the needed materials are too far away from the home, then you have to walk or run long distances for food and water, which is not efficient, and you need that time for other important things.

As I mentioned before, a home needs protection from the elements, or it will have structural failure. You will also need protection from the elements, since humans aren’t invincible. But anyways, here is some weather that can affect your home. Strong winds may weaken your home. There is also heavy rain and snow, which could build up on the roof or the top of your home and collapse it, so it needs to have an arched or sloped roof. As well as that, there is hail, which is a little like very hard frozen rain.

There a more qualities to a home, but one ones above are some of the main ones. So, a home needs to be close to a source of supplies, or essentials. Finally, a home should also shelter from weather, so it is not dangerous. This has been a kind of brief definition of home!