Grade 6


Meaning of Home

First, a home is so peaceful and quiet that you could easily fall asleep in your warm cozy bed with a blanket that is fuzzy or stuffies to keep you warm and tight. A home looks like a loving family that you would never want to leave. It is like looking in a mirror, as it will make you feel happy and proud on the inside.

Home sounds like your parents singing a song to you at bedtime when you fall asleep. When you listen with your eyes closed it sounds like a bird humming it always sounds so peaceful. When you are very annoyed you can calm yourself down from the peaceful sound of the night under a bright moon.

A home has the most magnificent smell and will brighten up your day when you are down or when you are sick. A home also smells sweet like cinnamon or cotton candy. Home smells like the lovely scent of my beautiful family.

I love it when I feel my warm toasty blanket snuggled around me. It feels as clean as the soap you wash your hands with.

A home tastes like every lovey taste in the world rolled into one Jellybeans, Cotton Candy or Bubblegum Icecream. Home tastes like all the love in the world when I eat my family meals.

Everyone deserves to feel proud of their home and enjoy the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings of the place they lay their head