Grade 6


Meaning of Home

The meaning of home can be experienced through our five senses based on what you can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. Being able to have a home from Habitat for Humanity would mean a lot to the people that receive it.

When we’re at home we can experience a lot of things that are comforting. When pulling up in my driveway, I see a house that welcomes me and makes me feel warm and fuzzy. When I’m at home and come into my house after a long day I can see my mom cooking a warm steaming pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. My family can be seen watching movies and drinking hot chocolate on a cold snowy day

There is a lot of sounds that you hear within a home. A home has predictable noises while you sleep depending on where you live like whirring fan or the quiet of the night A family can laugh together while playing board games like “Life” at the kitchen table. Watching movies sitting on a comfy couch that sinks down when you sit on it.

In every home, there is a smell that is familiar and comfortable. A home can smell like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies which makes your throat all warm when you swallow every morsel. In the morning you can jump down the stairs of your home after smelling the delicious aroma of sizzling crispy bacon on the stove.

You can touch many things in a home. If you come home after a cold and long winter day your feet will be hot from the warm and cozy heated floors. Every day you can cuddle up with fuzzy and warm cozy blankets. Going to sleep in your own bed makes you feel safe before you close your eyes.

Being home is where you get to taste homemade chocolate birthday cake made with love by a member of your family.

We use our five senses in our HOME and the people that are getting a house will use their senses too. Habitat for Humanity is giving people a chance to experience the comforts of being exactly where they are supposed to be – HOME!