Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of home

I think of family and friends.After you shovel the snow on a winter day you can sit by the fire and drink a hot cup of hot chocolate.On sunday mornings you can sleep in and wake up and have some bacon and eggs.I can go to bed and wake up and still be in my home.It is a safe loving place where you do not need to worry about wearing your pjs.When someone says the word home i think of soft loving caring place.This is what home means to me.If there is hate in your home you have not felt the real meaning of home.Its a place that you know is there even in your darkest moments.

You can sit on your couch on a Saturday night and watch a movie on TV.When you are in your home you should feel loved the most more than anywhere else.You can always feel safe in your home. Home is a place where you can play with friends.In my home i can always feel supported.This is what home means to me.

By:Patrick Lambe