Grade 6

Spainyard's Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning Of Home

Home to me means care and comfort. A home is somewhere you can go to sleep and wake up and feel safe. A home is where you have cried and laughed. Home keeps you from the cold. A Home is a place that holds many memories, both old memories and more recent ones. Home is a place full of love. Be grateful of your home, it is a place for you to live and grow.

Be grateful that you have a home for some people do not. Your home is truly unique, you are the only person to have that home. Home is a place where dreams come true. My home means so much. Home is a very important place, It is a safe place that won’t let anything awful reach you. Home is a safe place that guards you and you family.

Home is a very inspiring place. Me and my family have a bad and awesome experiences. Me and my brother have fought and had loads of fun. My home holds all sorts of experiences. There is no right or wrong type of home. My home is large and white. My home will always be my safe place.