Grade 6

bay roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

Home to me means caring for others, loving, comfort. Somewhere for sleeping and loving, and being there for one another. Feel safe around family members. Waking up in the morning seeing all your loved ones in a safe house. Keeping all your food warm and cold so your family enjoys food. And someone should always have a place for safe keeping, and loving family, and having a laughing and crying time.

One thing i love about home is, it makes family time more fun. It holds memories for us to remember.
You should be thankful for your home. It is a place where you live and grow. Be grateful that you have a home. Some people in the world don´t have a home. So be happy you have a place of safeness, confert, and joy. Your home is unique and different and nobody has that home because its different and special. And i am happy to have a family with a home.

My home is on a hill so everyday i see other homes and they have to be so grateful that they have a home for family and friends.
In my house me and my brother use electricity to play games. With my friends we go inside to watch movies. Me and my mom makes decorations for our house. Me and my dad use computers for memories. To remind our times in our safe wonderful house.