Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is not a place or a thing. Home is a place that you can be yourself. Home to me is togetherness, family, and warmth.

Home is being together with my family. Home is my family hugging me by the fireplace feeling loved by my family while we watched our favorite movie. I hear laughter in the living room. It brings me happiness and joy. I feel very safe at my house. I hear music from downstairs. I go downstairs and I see my family dancing. I joined them. It makes me happy dancing together with my family.

Home to me is family. Home is movie night with my family. On Friday me and my family order pizza and watch a good family movie. Home is saturday. Saturday I sleep in and I go to karate. Normally my brother wakes me up but that’s fine he is still awesome. Home is being with my family. Home is spending time with my dad. On the weekend me and my dad go on bike rides all the time. In the summer it is really fun. Home is family.

Home is warmth. Brought me a nice warm blanket, My mom hugged me very tight, my sister brought me a cup of hot chocolate. Home is warmth. Home is relaxing on the weekend. I stay in my bed allot on the weekend. It is nice and warm. Home is relaxing. Home is a school morning. I hear my alarm but I do not want to because I’m tired and warm. My mom gets frustrated at me when I don’t get up on time. Home is warmth.

Home is where my heart is. It’s spending time with your family and having fun. Having movie night with your family spending time together.