Grade 5


meaning of a home

Meaning of a home

If you don’t have a home, you can make a amazing home.

Everyday, my home smells like the pancakes on the oven. Where every weekend we eat them while laughing and having fun. My home is where everyday I do my homework of mine while listening to my brother and sister playing in the bathtub together. My home is my parents kissing me and my sister good night before bed time. My home is a place where I share a room with my sister and tell each other secrets before bed every night. Last but not least, my home is a place where I feel safe and loved.

At school a lot of things happen. I never worry what it is because my home is always a place where I go to to feel happy again. My home is going bike riding with my family on a hot summer day while listening to the cars vroming and music playing.

My home is warm and cozzy. The best sound in my home is the sound of the TV playing on a Friday night and the crunches of the pop corn in the buttery bol.

My home is the best thing I can ever ask for. Now it is our turn to make an amazing home.