Grade 6

Hunter River
Prince Edward Island

Meaning of a Home

The meaning of a home is a place to relax and be surrounded by family in comfort and let the day slip off your shoulders and not have to worry about the rest of the day. A home is like your safe place, warm and cozy.The power of a home is where all family bonds grow, where you connect with friends and family.

It’s a place to try new and different things, some good, some bad , a place to get up and fall down and take risks, to learn life lessons and to have your own space. Home is like your own jungle gym to explore, you always find something new to do. It’s a place to have fun with family and friends.

The meaning of home is so much more than four walls and a roof and some windows and doors It is a place to grow up, have fun, make some fun memories and some not so fun memories with everyone in your life.

The meaning of home is a place for someone to call their own home is somewhere for a person to stay inside from a storm to ensure they will be warm and safe.A home is where dreams come alive and where dreams fall apart.

Home is where you have everything you need from water and food to family. Home is a place where you don’t think about everything you don’t have, but instead thinking about what you do have.

There are many different meanings of home if you asked people around the world but the people who don’ t have a home wouldn’t know what to say their meaning of home. Everyday Habitat for Humanity helps people answer the meaning of home, making it their goal to make a home for everyone who needs one.