Grade 5

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

Meaning of a home

Meaning of a home
By: Annie M grade 5 in Porters Lake Elementary

A home is where you can be you!
A home is not just a home it’s where you live, it’s where you spend time alone and with people, it’s where you have quiet time and loud time, it’s where you can do stuff you can’t do in public. it’s where you can be your unique self and you don’t need to care what people say. It’s where you have friends and family over, it’s where you stay if outside is not safe, it’s where you sleep, it’s where you eat, it’s where you enjoy yourself, and your home should be filled with love, kindness, carness, and happiness.

A home is somewhere you bake with mom you wrestle with dad you fight with your siblings you talk with your aunt you high five your uncle you hug a lot with your grandma and grandpa you play with your cousins you spent time with your pets like teach tricks, snuggle or just talk to them. Sometimes you just want to talk about something but not to everyone so you snuggle up or sit beside your pet and tell them what’s on your mind.

A home is where you welcome new friends into the family, you meet new neighbors, It should be somewhere that when you come home to your loved ones you feel happy, and safe. A home is somewhere you have family fun like parties, or just family talks to sit back and snuggle with your loved ones and tell ghost stories or riddles and funny stories to make your family smile.

Your home is where you talk to your loved ones to tell jokes to laugh together. Sometime on the weekend you snuggle up with a blanket and popcorn and watch movies all night with your family.

Your house doesn’t have to be big or small it just has to have love all around it. A home is a very special place. A home should not be a place where you feel unsafe or scared, it’s a place to have fun to play board games to feel Free.

Sometimes you just want to talk with your friends alone so you shut the door and lay on your bed and video call them to just talk about random stuff or you ask them to hangout to watch a show or play with toys or just to talk and eat my stash of candy. Sometimes you want that fresh air to clear what’s going on in your mind so you put on your shoes and run out the door to clear out all the stuff on your mind.

Your yard is part of your home too. It’s to sit on a chair and feel the hot sun shining down on you, to play fetch with your pets, to play tag and hide and seek with your family all around the yard, to go outside in the winter and crunch the snow with your boots, to build snow forts with your family, and to have snowball fights with your friends.

A home is a home pls dont judge even if it is big, small, tall, short, or shaped in a different way than other people’s houses. And you don’t need all the money in the world to have the perfect house. You just need happiness, careness, kindness, and of course family love all around it.

when you are at your home you have your bedroom to mess around and play with your toys or to go to sleep on your comfy soft bed, your bathroom to brush your teeth clean and to take nice warm showers or baths to forget about the bad part of the day, your living room to have quality time with your family, friends and family where you can watch tv or play games online with your friends, your kitchen to bake desserts with your family, to cook a nice warm breakfast, and to go sneak a snack when you feel like it.

Your home is somewhere that you are safe you have a voof to save you from storms, walls to save you from anyone or anything outside,
Windows to give you air and sunshine in the house, and doors to lock the outside out!

A home is somewhere special, it is somewhere to go to have fun and be relaxed. It’s where you can start your ideas for the world, to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, your home is your home and you should not judge your home because your home is filled with love. A home is a place where you feel you!