Grade 6


Meaning of a Home

A meaning of a home is when dreams happen.
A meaning of a home is where memories happen.
A meaning of a home is where playing happens.
A meaning of a home is where friends come over.

When I see a grown up family without a home I start to wish that everyone can have a home. But sometimes people can’t afford a home and sometimes people can’t afford to keep their home. So then I think about the homeless the people that have nowhere to go so cold.
If they had a blanket the blanket might blow away.

And the the people that are rich that can afford a home a big home sometimes they keep the home all to themselves and while the rich can afford homes the poor are on the streets cold.
And I think just a one dollar could help give someone a home.
If all the people in the world gave one poor person just one dollar the poor person would be rich. So I think one dollar could make a difference.