Grade 4


Meaning of a Home

What does a home mean to me? Well, it means the place where you make your memories, the place to rest and eat. The place to be amused and be safe from the cold, hot, or rainy weather. The place you create your wildest imaginations, whether they are big or small! It is one of the first places you make your dreams! The place to be entertained. A home cannot clean itself; it has to be cleaned by a person. A home also cannot decorate itself, so you can decorate it with your lively pictures, plants, and a whole bunch of things!
Never think that you don’t deserve a home, or dislike a home the moment you see it. Whether it is big or small, try to see all the details before you like it or dislike it. Don’t judge a book by its cover, so don’t judge a house by the outsides. People love different parts about their home. I love the part that you can have your friends and family with you in your home and spend time with them. A home is the place to be with your family, whether if it is a big home, or a small one.