Grade 4


Meaning of a Home

A home is different than a house. They are different in their own ways.
A home is when you have strong feelings about that place or thing. A home can be anywhere or anything. A home welcomes you to try new things. It is basically you’re personal promise land. A home is a special place were memories are made, memories we hold close and memories we love. All people big and small have a special place or thing that is outside or inside colored or blank.
A house is somewhere you move in and out. A house is where you walk in and out, it’s where you sleep and change. A house may hold more than one person, it holds you and it holds your brother or sister, it might hold a dog or cat a fish or mouse.
Everyone can have a home. It’s okay if it’s different, it’s okay if it’s not the same as your moms or dads, sisters or brothers.
A home is where you can be you and it’s where nobody can stop you. It’s where you can be free.