Grade 4


Meaning of a Home

A home is how you feel and a place where you feel safe and you are supported. A house is a building, it is where you live and where people move in and out.
My home is a place where we share love and big bear hugs. My family is awesome from my mom being artsy and my dad helping people work out and my brothers imagination and me, myself and I being me.
My brother and I and sometimes my puppy Fran go on the trampoline and sometimes I get double bounced. At my home I feel safe because my dogs are kind of scary but also cute when someone comes to our home they alert us they are so funny.
My room I share with my brother, he is 8 and crazy and nice. His side of the room is so messy. My side is neat with pictures and drawings. My home is so cool we have crystals and I LOVE our home.