Grade 4


Meaning of a Home

Meaning Of a Home!

I feel free, safe, cozy, warm, loved and appreciated in my home. I feel like I can just go and say, “Hey mom, I’m going to a friend’s house to play”. I feel like a home is different than a house because a home is where you can share your feelings or whatever you feel. Where a house is a place you live in but you may move in and out but it does not mean it’s not forever. These are some things that bring love to my family for example: my cat Widjet playing and running into walls or him trying to steal food. I think everyone should have a home so that they don’t have to be in the cold and so that they have a cozy place to sleep or relax. When I hear that someone does not have a home it makes me sad because everyone should have a home. To me a comforting home has a couch, tv, bed, table, bathroom, shower and a kitchen. I think everyone should have a home.