Grade 5


meaning for home

The first meaning for home is comfort because it is not a home if you are sleeping on some pieces of slivers. Also it is not a home if there is no bed are any thing to sleep on .
Another thing is if you want your house to be a home you have to make it have electricity and you have to have air conditioning because you might freeze to death when you are in your house so you have to pay for electricity .

And know it is time to go over it’s safety of a home . A home has to have security and not easy to getting you house broke into by another person . another thing for a house to be a house is it have to have these rooms a bathroom a bedroom a kitchen and the living room .

And for it to be a home it has to be not around a factory and anywhere around a polluted area are a dump area where it is stinkie and a airport where there is a lot of traffic .

Know it is the final thing for this