Grade 6

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

Mean of home

What is a home to me? A home to me is not only something I go live in everyday it’s more than that. It’s something that I sleep in, I eat in.it also keeps me warm its something for me and my family to play games in. its alot of thing of course but i can’t go through them all. it’s something that makes everyone feel loved in. if my family didn’t have a home to live in or even some money to even get some food once in aweil .we would still be loved but also in the winter we would have nothing at all so we would all be so cold. To know that there is some families that have nothing there out there living out on the road or even in the woods it’s really sad. That’s why every christmas my family wants to help at least one family that doesn’t have as much as we do. We want to try to help and make a difference. like last Christmas there was a little girl and her dad that had a house they were warm so that’s good. But they had a little bit of clothes and the girl had not a lot of toys,not very much food. So my family wanted to help so we did we went to the store and got the a bunch of new for them a lot of food and the little girl some new toys. That made them so happy but it made my family even more happy that they had an awesome Christmas. I’m happy that my family made a differences. I’m going to try to keep on going with that tradition so i can make a lot of differences. I hope I encourage you to make a difference like i did!