Grade 4


Me, My Home and I

When I get home my dog welcomes me. In my home I feel safe and warm. Home is family and friends laughter and love. A Home is not just brick and wood, it’s memories good ones and bad ones. Home is where I spend seasons and holidays winter all the way to spring. In my home I feel protected from the weather outside. In my home I can always express my emotions and be accepted for being me. If I have a rough day I know I can come home and talk about it. I always know I will have food at home. Home is a place where I can trust everyone that is there.

In the morning I pull the sheets off of me and put on my slippers. Not thinking about what it would be like to not have a comfy bed and warm covers. I go put on clothes and have breakfast. Not thinking about what it would be like to have no change of clothes and not be eating enough food. I take my home for granted. Some people do not have a home.

There are lots of people experiencing homelessness out there. Most of them become homeless because they get laid off from their job. So if we make more jobs that accept people experiencing homelessness then there would be less people experiencing homelessness. If we also donate to organizations like The Mustard Seed there will be less people experiencing homelessness. Or even just a smile. One small act can make a big difference.

For people that have a home. Home means everything to them. People experiencing homelessness. They are trying to get a job and a home as hard as they can. Donors are building up, so I hope soon there will be less homelessness. I have a question: can you think about what it would be like to be experiencing homelessness. Before I didn’t but now I do.