Grade 4


Mansion…. No more!

I have always wanted a mansion to be my home. A place where I could have everything I wanted, but over the past few years I’ve realized that people who have big houses have parents that are split up, or they don’t have any siblings. So now when I think of a perfect home, I don’t picture a big bedroom with an en-suite, a walk-in closet, and a vanity.

Now I don’t think of all the things that possibly a kid of my age would want in an ideal house, I prefer a small room that I share with my sister over a walk-in closet or a vanity. One day maybe I will be able to get a mansion if I and my family work together, but I am happy with what I have for now because I have both of my loving parents and my older sister with me.

My mom always says life is a package of good and bad things, not everybody gets everything. So if I don’t get everything, then what I want forever and ever is my family by my side and good health. I’m sure all tempting things that my friends have, made me joyful but not having your family around when you need them is really sad. That is what home means to me.