Grade 5


Making $10.00 For The Homeless

My home is in South Korea. I like my home because it is very comfortable, feels safe, and happy. I have food to eat, money for buying something that I need, and I have parents with my house and that’s what home means.

When I’m in kindergarten, I always thought EVERYONE HAS A HOME, I mean I don’t believe there’s homeless! Because in my class, there’s nobody that does not have a home. But when I’m going to school then I finally know some people doesn’t have any home.

I’m watching a video about the homeless and worrying about them and sometimes I feel sorry about it EVEN NOW. I always want to help because we have to care for each other, not just caring for ourselves.
And they really need help, they need food, they need home, THEY NEED US! And WE HAVE TO HELP, not just looking.

Some rich men are paying for the homeless and even students are doing it by just writing and that writing makes $10 for the homeless, how important that is! And now I believe there will be no homeless someday.
We can fix it, it is not late, it’s almost late and this writing will help.