Grade 4


Lucas Shi – Meaning of Home

A home for me is a peaceful place for me
A home is a dream come true
A home is a can be a imaginary dimension for you or me
And a home is the place that fits for me
A place that’s like a safe for humans
And the best place anyone can imagine
A house is where family unite
A special place for me, he and she
Not everyone is as lucky as us
They sit and beg for money and food

Meaning that we are lucky to even have a home
Even if it’s small
All humans deserve to at least have a small home
Not everyone has a clean place
In this universe,
Not the ones with houses, the homeless people sit on the dirty, uncomfy payment
Good and lucky us, we have at least a comfier floor

Out of all of us, most of us hopefully have a home
For people that are homeless, hopefully have a good amount of donations

How many of us have a good home
Out of the universe, I hope people have a home
Many people are homeless, lonely and disappointed
Every homeless would wish for a nice home