Grade 4


Loving my Home

A home might not mean anything for you but for me…
It’s a place where I can be clean and see the sea.
It might seem like I get cozy, but I rush to soccer games.
I hung up pictures of my team in picture frames.

Home is where you have a fresh start.
Home is where you can learn to make art.
Home is where you can teach newcomers to do crafts.
Home is where you can go through the bad to get to the laughs.

Home is where friends are coming over to be crazy.
Then when they leave and it gets dark, I feel lazy.
Home is where friends come over and have conversation
When friends come over we all have different nations.

At home you never lose hope.
A home is no place to mope.
The most beautiful moments happen there too.
It’s the only place you feel the real you.

My home is a place with negativity and positivity that flies through the air.
My home is a place with care and no dare.
My home is a place with love and hugs
My home is a place with lots of mugs.

My home is where I laugh with my family.
My home isn’t a home without my family but when my family is there I feel homily.
My family is a strong family and super large.
My family is safe with family all over the place, so no one can take charge.