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Love of Home

Love is strong like family is strong home is safe where you have a nice place and all of that together is a nice and happy home.

The foundation of my home is stable.
The love that we share is at our table
We love, fight, help each other, be kind and that’s my favourite part of my home.

My home is my protector, my dad is my helper, my sister is my person who makes me tough, my mom is my loving and helping person, my dog is my sign of happiness and love.

My home is like my whole life where I can feel safe and there are some people out there that don’t feel safe. They just are living on the streets where its cold and no food and here is me being feeling safe while there just suffering on the streets. I’m not doing this for the prize I’m doing this for the people on the streets and feel the way that I do.

My home is where I can do my favourite things like play with friends, play video games, spend time with family, play with my dog and when I’m doing my favourite things I feel good.

I love my home with all of my heart I love my family with all of my heart my home is not just some walls and a roof it’s a place where I can sleep safe, eat safe, love my family safe and when a storm comes I am safe because of my home, what my home means to me is a safe place I can stay in.