Grade 6


Love Makes It A Home

There are numerous different houses on planet earth, our earth… But no matter how unique the houses are, it is the love that makes it a home.

The cool green grass swept over my feet like a gentle blanket. This is hard work! I said, wiping the dirt of my hands. The plants look lovely replied my mom. The cement is done my dad said. The garden boxes need some planting though added my mom. How about some herbs, tomatoes, beans, and some cucumbers? I said. So, we got shoveling, digging deep in the ground, and cleaning underneath the deck. Then we realized something was off, something moving quickly in the grass, Chico the dog was inside. What was it? Its sounded like swoosh! Swoosh! Then a flash of grey and brown, was it a wolf? No too big. It was…. a rabbit! Every single day I would change the marble bowl of clean water, and the leafy color lettuce. We started to see the rabbit more and more and more and less and more and less.

The smell of barbecue sauce was quite an excellent smell. Supper’s almost ready! We were having an outside summer barbecue. I got the iPad for music I said. Steak, peppers, mushrooms, and onions were all barbecued on a large pan. That my readers was on the menu! I got everyone sparkling water. Thanks, said my mom and dad at the same time. We laughed, we listened to music, nothing could go wrong! Buzz! What’s that sound? Buzz! ? Oh no! Wasps! Get inside, get the sparkling water inside, said my mom. Whew! We survived, or did we? Soon wasps were in our home! Luckily, my mom shooed them outside, buy wasp repellent! Okay said Dad. What more wasps!