Grade 4


Love Makes a House a Home

At home I have lots of fun,
And when I wake up I see the sun.
Home is a safe place where I stay,
Where my family loves me in every way.

Home is a place where I gain health,
Where I can be my own silly self.
Home is a place where I grow,
Where I get up from down below.

At home I have a bed,
A place that I lay my head.
At home I dry my tears,
A place where I have no fears.

Home is where I get an education,
Where I lose all my frustration.
Everyone deserves a home,
To grow, to connect, and safely roam.

Home is a place where I can play,
A place where I spend my day.
Home is a place where I have grown and grown,
A place that I can call my own.

I hope everyone has a place to stay,
To have fun, feel safe and be loved in every way.