Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

Love in All Four Walls

Yes, a house is made up of walls and a roof,
but a home is so much more.

When I think of home, I feel blessed to have my bed and clean water,
because so many people do not have those things.

When I think of home, I feel safe because I have my family by my side.
I think of when I am sad, they are always supportive and there for lots of hugs and kisses.

When I think of home, it is a place where you can make so many memories.
I think of family game nights, movie nights, trips, and holidays spent together.
I think of celebrations, laughter and love.

When I think of home, I feel loved.
I think of my puppy’s kisses, and bedtime cuddles.
I think of quality time with my family.

When I think of home, I feel warmth and comfort.
I think of all of the smiles and giggles that have happened there.
I think of tickle attacks, sleepovers and play fights with my brother.

For me, home is all about family.