Grade 4


Love From Home

Home makes me feel the best
As i walk through the door, feeling happy and blessed
My parents lock it with no reason to be stressed
Me and my siblings dash up the stairs, into our rooms where we get dressed.

We play games together, trying not to rage
Oh how lucky we are, knowing fun will last forever.
Honestly, that’s not the best part
The best part is that we all have each other.

This dear house of mine, not just a roof and some walls
Protects me from thunder, and all the heavy rain falls.
It’s where I learned how to love, how to care and how to play fair.

As i look through the window, feeling a little blue, i think of all the other kids with no homes and how that could have been you.
I wish everyone had a home to be safe and cozy
And a place to remember when you’re in your late 40’s

Don’t take your home for granted, it really is true that the love that is in the walls of your home comes from a simple i love you.