Grade 4

Gilbert Plains

Love at Home

Hello, my name is Honey. I love writing, and this is my story about my home. Let’s get started.
Ugh school again, why school? at least I get to see my friends. “Get going,” my mom says. She’s kind, I promise.
Fine. I’ll get my sister.
“Ok,” said mom. “Come on,” I yell to my sister. When I go out, I see a homeless family. I get really upset that I want to help all the people that are homeless. I really want to help them, but I was still upset.
I need to go to school now. After school my friend came with me to my home. When I went in all my fears went away. I felt loved, and it was so cozy and warm. I went to my mom and hugged her. After,
I went upstairs with my friend in my room. I went to a computer with friend. I started to write about people helping homeless people and homeless people needing homes. After, I edited it and put it on the internet.
Then I went to my mom and asked her if we could take in a homeless family. My mom said, “Well Honey, if you want to but you have to, make room. So, I guess you can take them in.
“Ok,” Then I found a guest room, and something popped into my mind that having a home is the most important thing to have. Then I went out and asked a homeless man if he wanted to stay at my house, but he said no because his home is here.