Grade 5


Living Inside

Living Inside

My home is a Boulder in a field
It’s strong and impenetrable.
The sturdy walls surrounding us
Built by love and care
Passion and forgiveness
Laughter and tears
make us strong and confident
during hard weather.

The sweet scent coming from the kitchen,
I could smell it in an instant
Delightful and savoury
I could imagine celebrating
With everyone in the family
Though I know I will miss
Being with other relatives
who couldn’t celebrate
Because of Covid

The home where I grew up is something special
With a dash of sprinkles on cupcakes
With the creamy icing on top of the cake
We cheer for each other
with pride, together, and forever

I am glad to be here today,
if it weren’t for our strong house
No one will stay.
The cold and warm weather is just a light Feather.
Our house is sturdy and powerful,
we can break any spell
without a ding of a bell.