Grade 6



My house, the one with the red door is beautiful. It’s a place full of ambition, a place full of glee. The house with the red door is a wholesome place. It’s a safe place where your freedom is at its maximum. It’s a safe place, that not everybody has.

The best part of all homes is that they are unique. Ten kids. One kid. Tiny house. Giant house. Every person has a different home. A mansion. An alleyway. A bungalow. An apartment. An alleyway. This is what too many people think of when someone says “Home.” Alleyways are hard, wet, loud. Things that don’t let you feel safe or comfortable. Compare that to your home that gives you everything you need, safety, peace, love, laughter. Things that people can’t live without. Things that people do live without, and those people that do, live a painful, lonely life.

That’s why the people that do have a safe, peaceful loving home need to make differences. Differences that can give all people homes.

Homes with friends and family.

Homes filled with love and laughter.

Homes where they can live.