Grade 5


Life on the street

Their home is a tent on the street.
They sleep on hard concrete.
No kitchen ,washroom or bedroom.
Just that one small tent to use.
Sleeping with cars passing by.
Waking up to traffic and loud noise.
Asking for a few coins, just to last the day.
I watch as the people walk by with no kindness.
At the end of the day it’s always the same.
Just a few dollars that won’t last a bottle of water a day
No one to look up to, no one to hug and no one love.
They sit all alone and nowhere to go.
I feel so sad when i see they try to find some food on the floor
When you know that everyone has so much more.
They try so hard, they try their best.
Even if everything is just a big mess.
We should stop getting whatever we want
Because there are so many families with no home that are struggling a lot and know that nothing’s going to change.
So when you pass by someone homeless.
Show a little kindness cause the people that just walk by are being mindless
You have to show that you care, it’s just a simple dare.
Before you ask for something new, think of the people that are counting on you.
Our lives are so easy so don’t be lazy, make a charity because you know that they need our help to live in a home.
Think about how hard it would be to live on the street in the middle of the city.