Grade 5

Hanover, Ontario

Life of me

I woke one day to a chilly climate. I crossed my arms trying to keep in the warmth well my teeth were chattering from the cold, “Mom?” I looked around but all I saw was the crisp white snow. I took a step forward and slid onto my butt. I burst into tears yelling “Mom! Dad!”
Suddenly I noticed a figure walking towards me.
“Dad?” I asked waiting for a response. the Figure responded
“Hello, I am Marcus and I will take you to a secure shelter.”
I stared for a few seconds as Marcus came closer. “but, but Mommy and Daddy”
“I’m sorry I don’t know where they are but you have to come with me.”
the man came so close I could see his exact features, his face was covered with freckles and his head with curly dark brown hair. his brown eyes stared at me waiting for me to rest on the sled he just set down. I lay on the sled waiting for him to take me away. I gathered myself in the blanket he set on me.
I sobbed on our way to the building thinking what has become of me I’m being taken away, I lost my family!
When I got there I took a bath and rested. When I woke Marcus stood in front of me and said “I apologize for the words I’m about to say-” he got cut off by a girl in the hall saying
“He’s only 7 he doesn’t need to know” The girl had light brown hair and caramel eyes,
“Anyways… your parents have taken… a new turn in life, they won’t be coming back I’m sorry”
I stared at him in shock disappointment and gratitude thinking I am so grateful for you bringing me in, Thank you.