Grade 5

Sturgeon County

Life is Beautiful

A home is somewhere you can feel safe, guarded, comfortable, and it feels like your happy place. Some may see strangers as gross; I see strangers as potential friends. My home is just a block of cement, it’s what is inside of it that makes it home. My home is only my happy place if I am inside of it where all of my belongings are. There are thousands of home styles, but if you look inside they are all different, every single one. It’s crazy to imagine a world without a home, even though some people do it every day. I own many beautiful things, such as my clothes. I like the ability to wake up in my room. I am still barely able to realize how happy and privileged I am in my life that I have. I honestly wouldn’t trade my home for the world. My favourite room in my house is my mom’s room. It’s full of joy, motherly love, and memories. It is my happy place, especially when my mom is there. My home feels like home to me.
My life is perfect for me. My home, my life, my everything it’s all perfect and beautiful. I may be a kid, but I know one thing for sure, I never want another life, I adore and worship the one I have now.